I get it, it’s the fourth of July and you’re surrounded by every type of junk food on the face of this earth… you’re so close to having a meltdown and overloading your paper plate until it folds over from the weight of the food- STOP RIGHT THERE! CaraChomeyFit has your back. Whether your goal is to compete, lose weight, or maintain your current weight, here are some tips to keep that bad, bad, food away! Your hips will thank you!

Carry around a glass of water!

It seems silly, but from experience, carrying around a glass of water will help you to keep from drinking alcohol, which can stack on the calories FAST. In fact, if you do this, you may even forget that you are not drinking like the rest of the party- but you’ll certainly be feeling a hundred times better than them in the morning! Sip as they sip… EASY PEASY!

Sit down and relax!

Sit down while you catch up with friends and family rather than lurking around the food and drink table. Out of sight, out of mind!

Go bunless!

If you’re simply looking down to trim down on calories, it’s a great option to eat what you’d like from the grill, but skip the buns. Sure bread is tasty, but this will easily save you up to 150 calories.The only kinds of buns we like, girls, are the ones behind us.

Work up a sweat!

Okay, you don’t NEED to sweat, but stay active to burn off some of the extra calories you may have consumed. Play games such as Frisbee, horseshoes, bags, you name it. Heck, you could even take that dare to run around the block naked at night.. just kidding!