This portion of the Bikini Prep Series is aimed at helping you decide on the right suit for your big show. After several months of hard work, sacrifice, and dieting, it is definitely important as a competitor for you to find a suit that makes you feel beautiful and confident on stage. Read more  for  some tips to consider before ordering your bikini competition suit!

One of the most exciting aspects of competing is getting to choose your dream competition bikini. Choosing the right suit will help you to bring an impressive overall package to the stage, and will accentuate your strongest features. However, choosing a suit can be somewhat daunting task due to a large number of companies offering so many options for customization. These options include, but are not limited to,  fabric swatches, connector pieces, suit coverage, and bling!


Hair, eye, and skin tone color will be the most important factors to consider when deciding on your suit color. While all competitors will have a tan that covers natural skin complexion, the darker your natural tone is, the darker your overall appearance will be after adding a tan. To find a color that looks best on you, you may need to do a bit of research.

I strongly suggest that you do two things…

    1. Look at pictures of competitors via Instagram, Facebook, or an online search engine. Why?- this will help give you an idea of the type of suits you are more drawn towards, as well as will provide a good reference for what color suits look good on which hair colors. Those with dark hair, such as myself, look better in dark suits to balance out the darkness from our hair. We tend to be better suited for colors such as reds, navies, royals, plums, purples, etc.
    2. Order fabric swatches from online bikini companies. Why?- Sometimes the way fabric color is photographed for a website may alter the way it looks due to lighting, giving a false representation of what it looks like in person. Most companies offer swatches for either a small fee, or free of charge, and these can be useful in determining whether or not a specific swatch will look good on you.
    3. Think about the clothes you wear on a daily basis- what is your favorite outfit to wear going out? What color is it? What colors do you NOT have in your closet? Thinking about the colors that you wear throughout the week and for special occasions will help you progress towards deciding out which color of suit will look great as well.


Each federation and organization has it’s own sets of rules and regulations concerning the cut of the competition bikini to be worn. If you do not follow their rules, you could get disqualified, so it is a good idea to do some research before placing an order. For example, the NPC Colorado regulations (where I compete) state that bottoms must have 50% coverage, therefore, to be safe, I always go with the cut that shows less skin. IFFB pro shows have a lot less coverage than local shows.


There are so many different versions of connectors out there, that it can be overwhelming choosing the right ones. For me personally, I like the connectors that are small and simple because I have smaller glutes and anything too big will take away from my size, and cover up my “booty shelf”. It is important to consider your overall physique when ordering connectors, as these will help draw the eyes to specific features.


We ALL love that amazing sparkle from the blinged out suits you see on stage, but adding crystals can get incredibly pricey. If you are on a tight budget (which most of us are during competition season), I suggest  trying a sequined suit, or something with a few less crystals. This is a great option for first time competitors because it allows you to dip your toes in the water, without feeling as though you are spending too much on something that you may not pursue in the future. Sequined suits are much more affordable, and are perfect for a local show. The more seasoned you become as a competitor, the more likely you will spend more money on a suit- which is totally okay!

Now that you know a bit more about finding the right suit, go ahead and drool over the dozens of beautiful bikinis available online to purchase. Be sure to check out Angel Competition Bikinis and if you find your dream suit, enter the code : ANGELCARA for a free jewelry set with your purchase!