What’s up fitfam?!?

Today I wanted to share my own personal experience with a bikini prep meal plan that the world of bodybuilding dubs the “bro diet”. This post will be all about my diet during competition season, and will highlight a few of the many reasons why I prefer this method for prep as opposed to IIFYM.

As many seasoned competitors know, bikini prep isn’t a “one size fits all” type of regimen. Each and every one of us has different preferences, different methods, and different strengths/weakness. Before we begin, it is important for you to understand that what works for someone else, may not be something that is best suited for you and that you should really consider these factors when deciding how you want to feel/fuel and listen to your body. Sometimes, through trial and error, this may even change. Just like your body- your methods may also be a work in progress.Change is okay, and should be embraced with open arms. I’ve known a lot of competitors who have switched between the two methods of prep nutrition.

Can you achieve the look you want with both the bro diet and IIFYM methods? Absolutely, but I’m going to outline some of the key reasons I love my bro diet.

My nutrition for competition prep is relatively clean foods, low sodium, and one cheat meal every two weeks. What do I mean by clean foods? Chicken, steak, turkey, broccoli, asparagus, gluten free oats, sweet potato, almonds, eggs, brown rice etc. This pretty much = THE BRO DIET. The Bro diet is somewhat well known for being a common denominator in what bodybuilders eat on a day to day basis. I throw the term “relatively” in there because I do, on occasion, eat peanut butter, quest bars, or Ezekiel bread.



Reasons why I love the BRO DIET:

1.LOW SODIUM – Because Brandan doesn’t suggest using any packaged foods in my meal plan (except my oatmeal), I never really worry about having too much sodium intake. 

2.CLEAR SKIN – I love when I’m on my prep and eating foods within the bro diet because my skin looks so much better. I have very sensitive skin which seems to worsen when I eat anything that has too much sugar, sodium, etc. Staying away from these foods for over 16 weeks makes my skin glow, and allows a break from my constant struggle with acne.

3. DENSE IN MICRO NUTRIENTS – The IIFYM style of dieting allows for similar physique results as the bro diet, however, if you are eating processed foods, these can contain little to no micronutients. A sweet potato and a serving of cereal may be similar from a macronutrient perspective, but there is no way they contain the same amount of vitamins. 

4.EASILY PREPARED- I love the ease of preparation with the Bro Diet. Take a few hours out of my Sunday, and I’m good to go for the week. BAZINGA!

5. PROMOTES SPEEDY RECOVERY – When I’m eating whole foods, I feel that I have less soreness, and that my body is fueled properly to take on anything. I sleep great at night, and have a ton of energy in the morning- which isn’t something that comes easily to me.

6.I’M LAZY –Okay, so I’m not lazy when it comes to getting my butt to the gym, or putting forth necessary work ethic BUT I am lazy when it comes to counting macros. I’ve tried tracking before, and it just doesn’t work for me- I never seem to have the time to put macros into an app, or write them down. This could be a recipe for disaster.

7.I’M A CREATURE OF HABIT – I love the bro diet because it is the same thing (or close to) every week. I’m a creature of habit, and find comfort in routine. I have no problem eating the same thing on a day to day basis, and although I enjoy my cheat meals, I love the routine of it all.

8. I’M AN EMOTIONAL BINGE EATER– I know that IIFYM doesn’t mean that you spoil yourself every day with a treat- but rather that you can allow one if you want. This isn’t something that would work for me, because if I’m having a bad day, I know I would binge (I once ate a whole angel food cake to myself. Yes, I brag about it). Using the bro diet gives me a sense of self control, and tends to relax me when I’m upset. Instead of finding comfort in junk food, I find comfort in sticking to my routine.

I hope you gained some insight from my personal experience using the Bro Diet during my bikini competition prep. Be sure to keep your eye out for next week’s BRO DIET VS. IIFYM post where I’ll be discussing the IIFYM approach. Remember, not everyone is the same and it is okay if you disagree with my above statements. Find an approach that works for you, and STICK WITH IT.

Is the Bro Diet right for you? Leave a comment below!