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Products to Intensify your Workouts!

Hey lovelies! Here is a list of awesome products that will help to bring your workouts to the next level!

1.AmiLean Firming – Enter code :CHOMEY at checkout for 40% off!

2. Everlast Weighted Vest (try this on the stairmaster!)-

3. Perform Better Bands (these are awesome for glute work!)

4. BPI Sports 1.M.R Vortex (enhance & intensify your workout!)  –

5. Bombshell Curves Squeem (wrap over a layer of AmiLean for even better results!!) –



#FitnessFriday Workout

Starting today, I will be posting a new workout every week for #FitnessFriday!


Bro Diet Or IIFYM (Part 1): Team Bro, Dude!

What’s up fitfam?!?

Today I wanted to share my own personal experience with a bikini prep meal plan that the world of bodybuilding dubs the “bro diet”. This post will be all about my diet during competition season, and will highlight a few of the many reasons why I prefer this method for prep as opposed to IIFYM.

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What Causes Daily Weight Fluctuation?

We’ve all been there – we weigh ourselves one day, and we are light as a feather; the next, we have somehow managed to stack on some pretty impressive pounds. Don’t freak out. Our bodies are incredible things and there are many factors that affect the reading on the scale each day. This list is here to help you remember those factors that could potentially be screwing with you- and to assure you that NO, you did not gain a pound of fat overnight, darling.

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Free Weights vs Machines:Which is Better?

A lot of people ask me about my gym routine, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been questioned about which I use: free weights or machines?

My super secret answer is… BOTH. Totally helpful, I know. While I don’t necessarily prefer one method against the other, each of these lifting styles has their own benefits. This post will help to inform you on the pro’s and con’s for both free weights and machines, and will hopefully help you to decide where to head next time you visit the gym (or elsewhere) Continue reading “Free Weights vs Machines:Which is Better?”

40% off Amilean!

AmiLean delivers some of the strongest ingredients ever discovered right to the areas you need the most!

Designed to help give your skin a smoother, firmer & tighter appearance. The light non-greasy texture of the lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. See and feel the firming & tightening effects within a few days of use. AmiLean is the answer for putting the finishing touches on the body you work so hard for.

AmiLean uses natural carrying agents called (liposomes) which transport the active ingredients through the epidural layers of the skin to the targeted areas like the legs, butt, abdominals and arms,. where the active ingredients can go to work visually reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite. AmiLean has active ingredients clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite.

You will see and feel the firming effects of AmiLean after only a few days of use.

Top Models, bodybuilders and trainers say AmiLean is their secret weapon in the fight against the appearance of fat and cellulite. In fact AmiLean has become the number one pre-contest topical cream for competitive athletes nationwide. AmiLean lotion is the answer to putting the finishing touches on the body you work so hard for.

Click the link below to purchase now and enter the code: CHOMEY at checkout for 40% off!


The Top 5 Fitness Apps To Help Achieve Your Goals

Are you lacking motivation, and need someone or SOMETHING to keep you accountable for working out and eating healthy? Luckily for you, today’s world has provided an app for everything- including fitness. I’ve done some research and have chosen the top five fitness apps that I believe are best suited for my follower demographic. If you are struggling with committing to a fit lifestyle, download one of these apps today and be ready to take your tracking to a whole new level- you can even wager some of that big money if your fitness lifestyle seems like a gamble!

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Bikini Prep Series: The Gallon Baggie Method

When I first started on my journey to become a bikini competitor I was terrible at meal prep. I never got enough food, I never had enough containers, and I never had enough room in my backpack to carry my day’s worth of meals. It was so stressful and made meal prep absolutely miserable. However, everything changed and my life became a lot easier when I started using the “gallon baggie method” as introduced by one of my favorite fitness inspirations- Michelle Bishop (You can find her instructional video here ) .

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6 Gym Must-Haves for the Alpha Female


There’s nothing better than feeling like an alpha female when you walk in the gym. You’re here every day, working hard, so why not stand out and be sure to get noticed for your dedication.

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